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Stung and Stung More are collections of ‘quads’ written and published in 2014. Quads are a new form of poem I originally developed on a Lemair Deluxe 1300 typewriter (taking advantage of the fixed width of characters). Fifteen characters, eight single-spaced lines, interlinked four times = one quad poem.

Art lies in the limitations and in the freedoms one chooses. In the quads, the physical form is restricted but the structure of the poem is non-linear. If one were to make a diagram of a quad it would be a three dimensional cluster rather than a list.

In addition to strict quad shape, the poems have no punctuation. There is necessary semantic and lexical disturbance: the poems slow down perception of the subject of the poem by eliding semantic units; and the red/black words within words, destablilise and direct attention to subsidiary or additional meanings hidden in the words. Effectively, there are red shadow poems within each poem. The titles of the collections, Stung and Stung More are small examples of this.

The Stung More collection is a 220mm x 210mm, 46 page book, soft covered, and hand bound in cotton. There is larger format version of the original book’s poems – in a 29.5cm x 42cm loose leaf portfolio form. Ten copies of both books and the portfolio are available for libraries or collectors. Please email: for details.

You can buy Stung More through the PressPress paypal site:

John Jenkins reviewed Stung in Cordite, have a read.

Here is ‘afternoon ferry’, the first of the quads.

Above: Stung More, quad poems by Chris Mansell (limited edition of 50.). 220mm x 210mm, 46 pages, handbound in cotton.

Purchase through the PressPress paypal site.

Library and collector enquiries for either books should go to :

Top right: an example of a quad poem which appear in both Stung and Stung More.

Right: Stung. Quad poems by Chris Mansell (limited edition of 40) 190mm x 190mm, 20 pages, handbound in cotton. [Library and collector copies only available.]